What’s Hippocratic Oats all about?

Hippocratic Oats is a personal project by a biochemist and historian of medicine. It is a history of medicine newsletter that looks at the intersection of society, philosophy, military, religion, and economics to understand the growth and development of medical thought and practice across time. The goal is to make the history of medicine and health easy to digest, one essay at a time.

In all of my works, be it scholarly and pop, I always maintain a leftist bias. I am a Marxist and an unapologetic Darwinist.

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Aside from medical history essays, these are what you’ll get when you click the subscribe button below:

  • A monthly roundup of the latest medical researches (taken from Nature, the Lancet, NEJM, and many more).

  • Fortnightly recommendations on historical reads, music, and films.

  • Clips and pins of historical oddities (I also do archival work and want to share amusing and often bizarre images found in manuscripts).

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Will there be a paid subscription?

At the moment: NO.

However, times are hard, especially in the country where I am currently stranded. So, if the prospect presents itself, I might consider opening a subscriber exclusive feature. But all history of medicine essays will remain open and free. Always.

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